PasquaJove 2013.Nyam Nyam

5 abr.

PJ dissabte

3 Respostes per a “PasquaJove 2013.Nyam Nyam”

  1. Romis Juliol 31, 2013 a 3:51 pm #

    Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good arletci.

  2. Egemen Agost 31, 2013 a 9:09 pm #

    well who’d have thought? I pleyad guitar with Blitzkrieg Patrol and drums with Cool to Snog, both bands on this LP, and if someone had told me then that it would crop up on t’internet 25 yrs later I would have called them an ambulance.cheers SP

  3. Rini Octubre 26, 2013 a 11:32 am #

    on : :Haha, mr youliang’s aylwas in for free food and free stuff that’s why he’s so rich coz his money hardly move..hmmm.. thats not true, my money moves, just that more keep coming in and less goes outlols la yltan

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